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MIKROGEN's scope of business covers the development, production and distribution of genetically engineered in vitro diagnostics. The company focuses on the serology of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections as well as on auto immune diseases. Since 1989 MIKROGEN produces antigens for clinical diagnostics. The company has an excellent expertise for the development of test systems based on recombinant antigens. The company's highly skilled and experienced employees are the key to the success of MIKROGEN. To improve the performance of clinical diagnostics constantly, more than one hundred staff members work continuously on the implementation of latest scientific results. MIKROGEN owns various patents particularly for Borrelia burgdorferi, Parvovirus B19, EBV and HCV antigens.

It is the company's philosophy to develop high-value products providing additional benefits for our customers. MIKROGEN attaches great importance to perform scientific excellence as well as outstanding customer consulting services.


Competent consulting on site through the company's well trained and specialised sales representatives and immediate customer support through the qualified service team, make Mikrogen the partner of choice in the clinical laboratory. Mikrogen's skilled and dedicated sales representatives are experts in selecting the optimal test systems to meet the customer's needs perfectly in the clinical laboratory. The company's excellent in-house customer support team offers full sample analysis service to give customers an immediate solution for even the most complex cases. Furthermore, Mikrogen's expert team provides support directly at the customer's site. Hands on training is frequently available in workshops with our specialists.

In addition, the company has a large inter-country network of trained representatives for the international distribution of Mikrogen products, ensuring customer support in various parts of the world.

Mikrogen's production process is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485. All products distributed by Mikrogen are CE-marked and match the Euopean Union IVD directive 98/79/EC. The company's QM system guarantees the ful-filment of highest quality demands.


Mikrogen maintains worldwide research and development cooperations with various companies, scientific institutions and reference laboratories. Our customers benefit directly from Mikrogen's intensive scientific knowledge. Mikrogen forwards directly all latest scientific findings into the company's research and development, resulting in an continuous improvement of all Mikrogen tests. Mikrogen has influenced many diagnostic guidelines and is recommended by various reference laboratories.

Mikrogen is investing intensive research effort in the development of novel diagnostic technologies. The future diagnostic platforms enable rapid and cost-effective diagnosis of infectious and auto immune diseases.

Mikrogen is engaged in the development of innovative detection technologies like chip and micro arrays which ensure a fully automated, high-throughput and miniaturised detection of pathogen specific antibodies and nucleic acids.

Multi parameter tests like the Luminex® system, based on the xMap® technology, allow the simultaneous detection of up to 100 different analytes.


Mikrogen belongs to the first pioneers producing high quality test systems for clinical diagnostics based on recombinant antigens.

Mikrogen develops and markets three different product types: ELISA, immunoblot and Luminex® Assay. The recomWell tests (ELISA) are highly sensitive and specific screening tests. The immunoblot assays - recomBlot and recomLine - as well as the Luminex® assays, are most sophisticated confirmatory tests and can be used for further improved differentiation i.e. the time of infection. In addition Mikrogen conducts contract manufacturing for test kits.

Mikrogen produces recombinant antigens for many important research institutes and for various well-known international diagnostic companies.

Mikrogen offers advanced solutions for automation and standardisation. Laboratory processes are improved in speed, accuracy and reliability.
Software: recomScan is a professional strip assay analysis software for the automated analysis, interpretation and data management.
Instruments: Mikrogen offers support for various fully automated analytic devices for ELISA and strip allowing for complete sample handling, interpretation and data management.