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Extensive and accurate evaluation of the test systems, in collaboration with the respective experts and scientific institutes, are the basis for reliable results in routine serodiagnostics. In addition, MIKROGEN provides excellent scientific as well as technical know-how and assistance. MIKROGEN develops, produces and distributes test systems for the medical laboratory diagnosis in the field of bacterial and viral infectious diseases as well autoimmune diseases. Our innovative products are leading in the market of medical laboratory diagnosis. MIKROGEN combines genetical engineering know-how with scientific background and uncompromising customer orientation.

MIKROGEN Strip Processing

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  • recomLine Automation

    NEW AT MIKROGEN! CarL Complete automation of recomLine strip assays — from sample preparation to result PDF Product Information
  • NEU | MIKROGEN ampliCube HEV 2.0

    NEW | ampliCube HEV 2.0 Maximum performance - highly sensitive and specific - reliable more information
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