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MIKROGEN, with its headquarters at the Neuried campus near Munich, has been a global provider of system solutions for medical laboratory diagnostics for more than 30 years. We focus on infectious serology, as well as molecular, autoimmune and T-cell diagnostics. Main areas are bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, as well as autoimmune and cancer diseases. Our combination of excellent genetic engineering know-how with a scientific background and consistent customer orientation are our succsess factors.

MIKROGEN develops, manufactures and markets the six highly sensitive product lines ampliCube, recomClia, recomWell, T-Track®, recomLine and recomBead using proprietary recombinant antigens. To provide reliable confirmatory diagnostics during different stages of infection, we offer tests for the different antibody classes IgG, IgM and IgA. In addition, MIKROGEN also manufactures test kits on behalf of third parties.

Cutting edge and some of the most progressive solutions in the field of automation, standardization and data management.

The personal and competent customer support provided by the company's own on-site sales department and immediate problem solving by the highly qualified service team make MIKROGEN your reliable partner for innovative solutions in the medical laboratory.

At MIKROGEN, we channel the latest scientific findings directly into our research and development, resulting in the ongoing improvement of all Mikrogen tests. We maintain worldwide research and development collaborations with various companies, scientific institutions and reference laboratories. Customers benefit directly from our extensive scientific knowledge.

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