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Our passion is to put our expertise at the service of healthcare

Mikrogen product solutions

Our passion is to put our expertise at the service of healthcare. This is evident in our automated workflows that keep our customers competitive, with a focus on world-class Real-Time PCR, CLIA, ELISA, LINE assays, Luminex and T-Track.
Qualitative real-time PCR system for the specific detection of DNA or RNA in human sample material.

Specific primers and a dual-labeled probe are used for amplification and detection of the DNA or RNA. Fast, easy and high yields - our alphaClean product line excels in the isolation of nucleic acids from various starting materials and ideally complements our PCR product range.

Latest generation, fully automated random access immunoanalysis system.

Our KleeYa® analyzer and the coordinated CLIA portfolio by Mikrogen and the Biovendor Group is continuously expanded with established as well as unique parameters and covers the most important areas of clinical diagnostics.

Quantitative screening in vitro test system for the sensitive and reliable identification of pathogen-specific antibodies.

Our recomWell screening tests are based on the principle of an indirect sandwich ELISA. Outstanding advantages of the recomWell tests are the extraordinarily high specificity with maximum sensitivity. The simple and uniform, manual and automatic processing guarantees a high sample throughput and reproducible test results.

Qualitative in vitro test system for indirect detection and reliable identification of pathogen-specific antibodies.

Our recomLine offers all relevant, pathogen-specific antigens on one test strip. Aditionally, the separate detection of the corresponding antibodies in only one assay is possible. Due to the optimized line assay format, clear antigen bands appear for good quantification and avidity determination. Processing and evaluation of our recomLine product can be fully automated.

Quantitative, multiplexed in vitro test system for the sensitive and reliable identification of pathogen-specific antibodies.

The modern Luminex® multiplex technology integrates the advantages of ELISA and line assays. The proven, highly specific recombinant antigens are also used in the multiplex test. Due to the integrated controls, the recomBead achieves very high measurement accuracy and reproducibility of measurement results. The recomBead is ideally suited as a confirmatory test for high sample throughput with fully automated evaluation.

Stimulation-based assays for the detection of antigen-specific T cell responses for CMV, SARS-CoV-2 and M. tuberculosis.

Best-in-class sensitivity - Our T-Track® product lines include T-cell assays based on two different methods: 1. RT-qPCR based T-cell assays for the detection of antigen-specific T-cell reactivity by determining the relative expression of antigen-induced specific markers. 2. ELISpot-based T-cell assay for monitoring the functionality of the CMV-specific cell mediated immunity (CMI) in CMV-seropositive patients.

Mikrogen Automation solutions

Powerful automation solutions for fast and safe diagnostics 
Vollautomat Ca<i>r</i>L
CarL – Complete automation of recomLine
Biocomma M96 | Nucleic acid extraction
Mic | Magnetic Induction Cycler for qPCR/Real-time-PCR
Myra | Liquid handling
Dynex DSX | Fully automated analysis technology
Gemini | Compact Microplate processor
MAGPIX® | Analyse-

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