BEAD Technology (Luminex®)

Quantitative in vitro assays for the sensitive and reliable
identification of pathogen-specific antibodies.

Our modern Luminex® multiplex technology integrates the advantages of ELISA and strip tests - quantitative detection of antibodies and single antigens, also we use in our recomBead tests, the proven, highly specific recombinant antigens. Due to the integrated controls, recomBead achieves very high measurement accuracy and the measurement results are reproducible. The recomBead is ideally suited as a confirmatory test for high sample throughput with fully automated evaluation.

Safe and reliable

Our tests are validated by integrated controls - incubation control, conjugate control, negative control in each approach and are therefore particularly safe. High sample throughput and thus the fastest processing program among the current commercially available confirmatory tests.

Flexible and compatible

Fully automated analysis, computer-controlled test evaluation and integration with the laboratory information system (LIS) possible. No additional control approaches are necessary, cost saving.

High Standard

CE mark: Our BEAD tests meet the high standard of the EC Directive 98/79/EC for in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Modular options for your individual workflow

 Workflow Bead
Manual and fully automatic processing of our bead tests with Dynex DSX. Interpretation and data output possible with recomQuant software and LIS connection.

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