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Automation of Mikrogen recomBead Immuno assays

A milestone in immunodiagnostics. Ideally suited for high sample throughput.

The technology is based on microscopic polystyrene beads, so called microspheres. One hundred different bead populations exist. The populations can be distinguished from each other by their specific colour code. Each bead can be coated with a specific antigen or antigen mixture, thus allowing analysis of up to 100 parameters in one single sample simultaneously.

Besides the classical MicroPlex beads a new generation of polystyrol beads with iron core (MagPlex®) has been developed. These can be fixed magnetically to simplify processing. Antigens used are immunodominant and serologically relevant proteins of the pathogen. The detection of antibodies present in a patient sample takes place on the surface of these microspheres.

The technology is  extremely user friendly and ideal for various applications in medical diagnostics.