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Mikrogen GmbH founded in 1989 has in its long history grown into a company which is serving a wide range of customers in Germany as well as in more than 40 other countries around the world.

By means of this code of conduct we intend to establish a basis which will guarantee our company’s sustained positive development in the years to come. Thus, in accordance with the aforementioned our focus is to globally align our company as an attractive employer and provider. Moreover, this codex is to emphasize our particular attention to all our actions.

We defined these rules of conduct in our code of conduct and made them available to all of our employees, customers and business partners alike. These standards are meant to help ensure the consistent compliance with our rules.

Compliance Guidelines of Mikrogen’s Code of Conduct

I. We are committed to compliance with all legal regulations and standards and to a value-based corporate action.

II. We respect our employees as essential partners in ensuring the commercial development of our company.

III. We promote fair and free competition.

IV. We are opposed to any form of corruption.

V. We acknowledge our responsibility to protect our own property and that of others.

VI. We strictly separate professional and private interests

VII. We feel obliged towards the idea of sustainability from an economic, social and ecological point of view in all our corporate actions.

Complete version in pdf format.