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The core business of MIKROGEN GmbH is the development, production and distribution of test systems for in vitro diagnostics. The company has an excellent expertise for the development of test systems based on recombinant antigens. Recombinant antigens are selected pathogen proteins that are manufactured by genetical engineering. This production of recombinant antigens has several advantages compared to ordinary pathogen lysates:

The antigens are produced in highest quality (purity)
The antigens are available separately and not as part of a mixture
The antigens may be produced in any quantity

MIKROGEN uses the recombinant antigens in the four product lines - recomLine®, recomBlot®, recomWell® and recomBead®. With the real-time RT-PCR product line ampliCube MIKROGEN expands its product range to test systems for the direct detection of pathogens.

  recomLine and recomBlot
Qualitative in vitro test for the indirect detection and safe identification of pathogen specific antibodies. The recomLine offers the same advantages as the western blot - all relevant, pathogen specific antigens on a single test strip and therefore separate detection of the respective antibodies in a single approach. Because of the line assay format, the bands now appear even clearer and, in addition, can be quantified. Therefore, the recomLine is the method of choice for antibody avidity testing. The recomBlot is a western blot test, designed as a confirmatory assay following screening assays such as enzyme immuno assays (e.g. ELISA) or immunofluorescence assays (IFA). In contrast to ordinary immunoblot assays, the antigens are presented in the recomBlot without other disturbing or crossreacting proteins. For this reason the recomBlot displays a high specificity and sensitivity. Furthermore the recomBlot is easy and safe to read.

Quantitative in vitro test for the sensitive and safe identification of pathogen specific antibodies. The recomWell is a screening test according to the principle of an indirect sandwich ELISA. Major advantages of the recomWell tests are the exceptional high specificity together with maximum sensitivity. Easy and standardized manual as well as automatic performance guarantee a high throughput of samples and reproducible test results.

Quantitative in vitro test for the sensitive and reliable identification of pathogen specific antibodies. The modern Luminex® Mulitplex technology integrates the advantages of ELISA and strip assay: Quantitative determination of antibodies against single antigens. The approved, highly specific recombinant antigens are used in the multiplex test recomBead. With integrated controls the recomBead achieves a very high accuracy and reproducibility of the results. The recomBead suites ideally as confrimatory assay for high sample throughput with automatic evaluation.

Qualitative in vitro test for the specific detection of DNA or RNA in human sample material. ampliCube involves a real-time PCR system. It uses specific primers and a double-marked probe for the amplification and detection of DNA or RNA. ampliCube test systems are characterized by high safety and reliability with maximum sensitivity and specificity.