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On to new heights with the new CLIA solution for your diagnostics

Together with our partner, the BioVendor Group, we are working on a comprehensive portfolio of chemiluminescence-based assays (CLIA) for the fully automated random-access analyser Kleeya® from Diatron. With the continued expansion of the harmonized portfolio in combination with advanced automation technology brings laboratory diagnostics to the next level.

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CLIA solution
CLIA portfolio

Video | CarL - Complete automation of recomLine strip assays


  • Mikrogen fulfills all requirements
    of the IVDR

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  • Joint Management at Mikrogen

    Gerald Unden (right) supports co-founder and managing director Dr. Erwin Soutschek (left) and takes over responsibility for marketing, sales and production as the new co-managing director.

  • NEW: ampliCube Respiratory Bacterial
    Panel 1.1 / LC

    Our real-time pcr ampliCube Respiratory Bacterial Panel range is extended by the differentiation of Legionella spp. and pneumophila. More information, click here.


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